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Founded in 2001, the Exacta Technologies group delivers bespoke technology solutions and services to discerning clients across the world. Deploying technology into three key industry sectors worldwide. We design, build, and support disruptive technology solutions. Ultra-high performance, unrivalled stability, and mission critical reliability.

Platform by Exacta

Platform delivers the perfect combination of hardware and service to software vendors worldwide. The Platform end to end service delivers bespoke hardware and logistics optimised to transform the customers experience of your software and ultimately your business.

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Blackcore Technologies

Blackcore designs high-speed reliable systems built to address the diverse and demanding needs of the financial trading industry. We deliver unrivalled performance and industry leading reliability and stability to financial institutions across the world.

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Proline by Exacta

True creativity should not be disturbed by the workstation that turns thought into reality. Based on absolute flexibility and uncompromising utility. Designed from the inside out, Proline Workstations have been purpose built for the postproduction industry to transform the way creators work.

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The Exacta Technologies Group has over 22 years’ experience in designing industry revolutionising technology, building reliable systems, managing global logistics and supporting our clients working across every industry.

Warranty & Support

Despite its size, the technology industry is still relatively immature, and we understand the pain that can be involved in managing performance, support, and continuity in a rapidly changing and unpredictable market.

Our support team is made up of a team of professionals trained by our CTO and COO. Every company within the Exacta Technologies Group has warranties to suit the client.


Every client relationship starts with a blank sheet of paper, every system, service and SLA is bespoke to our clients exact requirements. We work with a comparatively small number of clients – and they stay with us because of the relationship we have built and the services that we deliver.

Trusted by the best

Our expertise and systems are trusted by the biggest technology companies in the world.

AMD Xilinx
Dell Technologies

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