World Environment Day 2023

Today, millions of people from across the globe come together in an effort to protect and restore the Earth 🌍


2023-06-05 09:00:00

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This year’s World Environment Day marks the 50th anniversary of the event. Over the last 50 years, the day has grown to become one of the largest platforms to educate and inform the world on environmental issues.

Read on to discover what Exacta Technologies is doing to become more environmentally friendly as well as some useful tips on recycling your old tech.

Exacta and the Environment

Here at Exacta Technologies, we are striving towards becoming an eco-friendly tech company. Last year we installed solar panels onto the roof of our 20,000 sq. ft HQ in Bristol. As a hardware manufacturer we use a substantial amount of energy, in our production facility, quality control department, warehouse and office. Having these solar panels on our HQ allows us to reduce our impact on the environment by lowering our carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses.

Furthermore, we always recycle unneeded cardboard boxes and packaging on site in our recycling bins, where we can recycle carboard, plastics and metals. Recently we have changed the way we package our systems and now all our packaging is renewable and supplied locally. Additionally, we have adopted a hybrid work model, allowing members of team Exacta who live far away to work from home. Last year we also purchased our own UV printer, which allows us to print directly onto chassis from our HQ, before this we would courier chassis’ back and forth, which was costly and had a negative impact on the environment. We have also installed several EV charging points, so members of the team can charge their electric cars whilst at work.  

As a technology company, we also follow the WEEE guidelines (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) which encourages the correct recovery, reuse and recycling of electrical products and components that would otherwise be incinerated or sent to landfill.

Recycling Tech

How can we as individuals recycle our used technology?


Having old tech that is still useful repaired can be a great option. There are many routes to go down, including having gadgets repaired and refurbished professionally. There are various repair cafes across the UK, where you can drop in and have your tech repaired. To learn more about repair cafes visit here.


Thousands of electrical items in landfill are still in working condition. Items such as laptops, cameras and phones can all be put to greater use and donated to those in need. Many well-known charities take donations of electrical items and there are also many schemes operating to donate unused laptops to school children who would otherwise not have access to one at home, like this scheme running in Bristol.


Selling your unused tech can be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash! According to research, on average, each UK household could earn up to £620 from the unused electricals they have in their homes!


Everything with a battery, cable or plug can be recycled. So, if you have unused tech that you’re looking at getting rid of that can’t be repaired or donated use the recycling locator on the Recycle Your Electricals website to find your nearest recycling point.

Thank you for reading our article, we look forward to implementing more changes throughout the year!


2023-06-05 09:00:00

- 2 min read
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