World Environment Day 2022 ♻️🌱

Today is World Environment Day!

Chloe Vidaurri

2022-06-05 10:00:00

- 1 min read

World Environment Day has been celebrated on the 5th of June since 1974 and is the largest internationally celebrated day for the environment, led by the United Nations Environment Programme. Today millions of people will come together globally to protect the planet.

The importance of having a healthy environment is immeasurable and is something that every individual and organisation should strive to work towards every day. The environment is home to countless living species, all of which are dependent on the environment for providing us with cleaner water, purified air, regulating the climate, and providing us with raw materials that can be used to create medicines, clothes, food etc. In short, if we take care of the environment, it will look after us but without it, we lose our home and everything it gives us.

Here at Exacta, we are aware of how important the environment is, which is why we strive daily to do our part in protecting it. We have recently installed solar panels on the roof of our 20,000 sq. ft state of the art production facility in Emersons Green Bristol and we ensure to recycle all our cardboard boxes. We are also working toward better recycling practices within our HQ with the aim to reduce the impact we are having on the environment.

As a technology manufacturer, we realise the importance of following the WEEE guidelines (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) which encourages the recovery, reuse and recycling of products and components that would’ve otherwise been incinerated or sent to landfills.

Additionally, we have enabled employees who live long distances from our offices to work remotely with the aim to reduce fuel consumption, pollution etc. As Exacta continues to grow, we are becoming increasingly aware of the footprint we are leaving behind which is why we actively work towards being a greener company and will continue to implement these changes as we grow.

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Chloe Vidaurri

2022-06-05 10:00:00

- 1 min read
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