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⭐ Introducing Jack - Meet the Team Series ⭐

For our eighth meet the team article we wanted to introduce you to Jack Drake, Jack began working at Exacta in April 2021 and is an Assembly Engineer.


2022-12-06 10:00:00

- 1 min read

This series will introduce you to a member of team Exacta every month, so you can meet the dedicated hardworking team that has made Exacta what it is today. Our eighth instalment of the series introduces you to Jack Drake. Jack began working at Exacta just over a year and a half ago. Jack is an Assembly Engineer; this means that he is responsible for building and assembling units, as well as making sure everything works correctly.

How long have you been at Exacta and tell us about your job role?

I’ve been at Exacta since April last year. I’m an Assembly Engineer which includes building orders from scratch, getting them ready to ship, as well as confirming each unit is up to the customers specifications. I make sure each unit looks great and is made in a timely and neatly fashion. I also like to make everyone laugh!


What do you enjoy most about working at Exacta?

It’s a family environment, everyone’s very close. I enjoy every day at Exacta. I come in with a smile and leave with a smile. Everyone’s so friendly and nice.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am an avid exerciser. I also enjoy cooking and love spending time with my family and cats.


What advice would you give to younger generations who aspire to work in the STEM industry/want the same job role as you?

Just believe in yourself and everything out there is achievable, even if you feel like you don’t have the correct qualifications or skills, there’s always somewhere you can start to build upon those skills and learn more. Don’t give up on anything, if I had done that I wouldn’t be working where I am now.


What three items would you take with you to a deserted island?

A yoga mat – to keep my body fit, a solar powered radio – to keep me entertained and a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle – to exercise my mind.


Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

I’m great at making people laugh! Really good at yoga and really good at cooking. I am a very likable person and have a magnetic personality. But mostly I’d say my talents lie in comedic timing, cooking and being a genuinely nice person.


2022-12-06 10:00:00

- 1 min read
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