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Meet Our New Community Partner – Community of Purpose CIC

This year we have chosen to support Bristol not-for-profit, Community of Purpose. A close friend of Exacta’s introduced us at the end of 2023, we instantly had a connection and were eager to support them. Read on to learn more about the Community of Purpose's mission and how we will be supporting them this year.


2024-03-11 09:00:00

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We are thrilled to announce a new community partner for 2024, introducing Community of Purpose CIC. This Bristol based not-for-profit delivers five purposeful programmes that connect marginalised communities, foster unity within neighbourhoods, boost social mobility, and honour the remarkable accomplishments of resilient young individuals who have triumphed over challenges to accomplish extraordinary achievements.

Who are Community of Purpose and what do they do?

Founded in 2016, Community of Purpose CIC is an award-winning social enterprise that transforms the lives and futures of young people through businesses that act as a force for good. They are passionate about improving the life chances of young people and creating opportunities so they can fulfil their potential. They deliver five impactful programmes that engage hard-to-reach groups, enhance community cohesion and improve social mobility, these include:


  • Break Free - They tackle holiday hunger.  Children get free meals in term time, but in the holidays go hungry. Rather than looking forward to the school holidays, the holidays have become for many a stressful time, when families who already struggle find it even harder to provide for their children and young people. Break Free is a holiday activity programme that provides high-quality activities and free food for children aged eight – thirteen from areas most in need across South Bristol.


  • The Bristol Young Heroes Awards & Purposeful Pathways – These awards recognise and celebrate the valuable contributions that Bristol’s young people make to the city, particularly those who have overcome difficult circumstances. The awards culminate in a special gala awards night for the young people and their family and friends to enjoy, supported by a host of local celebrities, businesses, and political leaders. Young people are supported for 12 months post awards to ensure they get the right support and opportunities to fulfil their potential.


  • Bristol Together Championships & Bristol2Bordeaux – This is an annual sporting tournament working with The Bristol Mayor’s Office, which pulls together primary schools from across the city, representing the diverse communities that make up Bristol and its surrounding areas. The hugely popular programme encourages children to connect and build friendships across the perceived divides through football. It helps community cohesion by getting boys and girls crossing the race, class, geographical and faith boundaries that characterise life in the city. Six fortunate schools get to travel to Bordeaux as part of the city's twinning relationship, for many, this is the first time out of the city and on a plane.


Our Partnership with Community of Purpose

Our collaboration with Community of Purpose centres around their major yearly initiative, the Bristol Together Championships. This project is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and fostering community bonds. The Championships bring together year five students from different schools in Bristol for an annual football tournament. Its core aim is to nurture unity amongst diverse communities. The program culminates in a football festival held at the University of the West of England, offering young people their first glimpse into university life, and potentially sparking future educational aspirations. This initiative underscores the importance of recognising and respecting Bristol's cultural diversity, while also advocating for equality through the platform of sports. By encouraging young people to share their personal narratives and challenge stereotypes, the Bristol Together Championships aims to unite Bristol's varied communities through the universal language of football.


Events & Volunteering

This partnership also provides our employees with exciting opportunities to volunteer and be part of Community of Purposes’ projects happening in Bristol throughout the year such as the Bristol Together Championships.

Volunteering and supporting Community of Purpose aligns with our commitment to community engagement and inclusivity. By partnering with this initiative, we demonstrate our dedication to social responsibility, foster relationships with other organisations, and engage our team members in meaningful volunteer work. Through volunteering, our team members not only contribute to the community but also gain valuable experiences and connections that enrich both their personal and professional lives. It's a win-win scenario that reinforces our company's values and strengthens our bonds with the Bristol community.


Get Involved

Thank you for reading our article, if you would like to learn more about Community of Purpose, please follow the links below. We are incredibly proud to be able to support this great not-for-profit and make a difference to the young people living in Bristol.

Learn more about Community of Purpose here.

Learn more about the Bristol Together Championships here.

Donate here.


2024-03-11 09:00:00

- 3 min read
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